ConnectWashington Research Services

ConnectWashington is a regional data and research project from MuniData, a consulting group specialized in home services, utility, and internet infrastructure policy.

Our team aggregates and analyzes diverse public and private datasets on home and utility services, creating briefings and reports on critical state policy topics.

Inform. Power. Promote.

ConnectWashington data informs public policy, powers ground-breaking journalism, and promotes consumer education in the state of Washington.

Don't hesitate to contact us if your organization needs assistance understanding and navigating the Washington utility data landscape.

ConnectWashington Research Areas

ConnectWashington is currently focused on critical public issues including internet access, water and utility service, and utility policy.

Washington consumer welfare icon

Washington Utility Policy

Assisting efforts to digitize and future-proof public utility systems
Washington internet icon

Washington Digital Divide

Promoting equitable internet access for all Washington residents, regardless of income level and location
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Washington Low-Income Access

Aggregating low-income utility and basic service data to help Washington residents get coverage at a fair price

ConnectWashington Funding & Consulting Offerings

ConnectWashington is funded privately and through our consulting offerings to businesses and nonprofits.

Our consulting offerings include:

  • Data collection and analysis: private briefings for policymakers and enterprise businesses
  • Public polling: assistance gathering consumer trend data
  • Custom reports and briefings: deep research, fast takeaways